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GNTC Gorenje Niti Tiki Company offers many products as well as provides service to the customers. Our products are designed in a way that fit market, based on both the design and high standards of high quality.


Gorenje – home appliances from Slovenia (retail and wholesale). Gorenje is a manufacturer of high quality appliances that are environmentally friendly, luxurious and have a long lasting guarantee.

It is one of the leading European home appliance manufacturers with a history spanning more than 60 years. Technologically perfected, superiorly designed and energy-efficient home appliances branded Gorenje elevate the quality of living for the users of our products in ninety countries around the globe.

The products that are offered are:

Gorenje White appliances

Gorenje White appliances – washing machines, electric cookers, dishwashers, fridges, water heaters etc.

Gorenje Servis

Gorenje Servis – Years pass, and equipment, for your pleasure, yet work flawlessly. Work quality of Gorenje household appliances – remains the same. Gorenje provides multi-year warranty. After many years of use, you will still enjoy the beauty of design and high tech. If, however, something happens, you will find available servicing Gorenje, which provides care even after warranty .Servis Gorenje is here to meet the cases in need and to provide spare parts.

Prity – fireplaces from Bulgaria

Prity – fireplaces from Bulgaria – provides extensive range of fireplaces and stoves to suit all styles and tastes, from the classic to the contemporary. It specialized in the production of home fireplaces, cooking stoves, boilers, and fireboxes for building-in, which are using solid fuel. It also produces accessories for them and everything is offered under the Prity trademark.


Ibiobom – an efficient, economic and ecological biomass heating system. The superior quality, high combustion efficiency, installation flexibility and proven data-reliability are the characteristics that will bring you comfort, safety and savings on energy costs. BIODOM 34 also meets the criteria for Class 5 according to the standard EN 303-5: 2012. This makes BIODOM 34 one of the best choices among pellet boilers in its category.

Gorenje Department Store Pelet

Gorenje Department Store Pelet – in this business has a very clear and strong position. The main activity is secondary wood processing where the final product is obtained as biomass (pellet) from various types of wood, which increasingly is replacing coal and oil as a source of heat. It also deals with the sale of timber, timber transport and primary wood processing.

Home and Camp - Greece

Home and Camp – Greece – is the distributor of various products of barbecues, protective nets, products for fireplaces, (cleaning, Ignition, wood keeping), garden and other products.

OVS – clothing for women, men and kids from Italy

OVS – clothing for women, men and kids from Italy – Fashionable clothing and accessories for an amazing shopping with the latest fashion trends in Italy and worldwide. OVS – Italian Fashion has given shopping a new meaning, based on a continuity of quality improvement and a reasonable price.

CCC - Poland

CCC – Poland – At CCC stores you can expect trendy shoes and bags made of excellent fabrics. No matter whether you prefer elegant or sporty style, in our offer you will find exactly what you are looking for. Lasocki footwear made of genuine leather as well as Sprandi sports shoes are the big part of our product range. In addition, CCC offers you other brands which follow the newest trends. Autumn-winter CCC collection 2016/2017 gives you a choice between classics and a dash of fantasy. Shoes and bags range made in line with the latest fashions gives you the unlimited possibilities of matching styles and colours. Black, darkish red or maybe warm yellow? Suede or leather? Platforms, heels or flat shoes? All the answers you will find at CCC stores! Visit us to get lots of inspiration.

ALPINA-shoes from Slovenia

ALPINA-shoes from Slovenia – is a development-oriented footwear manufacturer with a long and inspiring tradition. The company’s mission is to develop, produce, and market high-quality products that offer a perfect movement experience that surpasses customers’ expectations.

Poland Moblije

Poland Moblije– Black Red White provides excellent quality furniture at competitive prices supplying a wide variety of modern and classic ranges to suit all e.g.- Kitchen furniture, Living room furniture, Bedroom furniture, Youth suites, Office furniture, Sofa beds (standard and custom design), Hotel room furniture etc. Modern form, universal style and maximum functionality are the characteristics of the products of Black Red White. Special attention deserves the contract colors and glazed with LED lighting.

Star – Home accessories from Italy

Star – Home accessories from Italy – It is orientated towards all those people who wish to furnish and decorate their homes with particular attention to fashion, functionality and to current and progressive tastes, at prices which are always very competitive. It offers various collections of perfection and attention to details, a combination between past and present, creating work that adorns the interior space, shapes and colors

Fabress - home textiles from Turkey

Fabress – home textiles from Turkey – Let your dreams be happy and loose with bed linens from Fabress. Various designs and models for your comfort ability.

Tognana - porcelain products from Italy

Tognana – porcelain products from Italy – Tognana leader for offering of household and industrial products. It chooses carefully designs and with unique craftsmanship creates what customers want and need. Designs and colors give life to your table.

Duralex - glass products from France

Duralex – glass products from France  Duralex is a French company that produces glass products. Today over 250 items in 6 colors, constitute the offer Duralex: glasses and cups, plates and utensils, crockery set for your table.

Bicycles Pilot

Bicycles Pilot   We intend that every person, with love and seriousness, to offer: High quality bike, unique designs, reasonable prices and pleasure during their use.
​All projections, realizations, controls and guarantees offerings of one year for Shimano equipment, encourages consumers to buy pilot bicycle, always vowing to strictly implement the European and world standards in the field of cycling.

FreeOn from Slovenia

FreeOn from Slovenia – FreeOn is specialized in the sale of children’s products. Assortment includes: Toys, equipment for children, textile and different accessories for children as well as various products for pregnant women. The main purpose is Special care of babies and parents’ needs by offering safe products of high quality.

Bebi Kreveta

Bebi Kreveta  offers different types of beds for children who offer comfort, design, and color art associated with asymmetrical child’s drawers. Bebi Snovi beds are produced from a very quality material in order for your child to be more secure.

VIP – Suitcases, India

VIP – Suitcases, India  VIP’s product offerings includes a variety of hard and soft luggage– strollers, suitcases, duffle bags, overnight travel solutions, executive cases, backpacks, and even travel accessories.

Carlton – Suitcases, UK

Carlton – Suitcases, UK  Carlton is one of the leading global luggage brands providing quality luggage to discerning consumers for over 30 years. Designed and developed in London, since 1976, Carlton is an assurance of the very best of British design and innovation. From our design roots in London, we have grown into a truly international brand, selling contemporary, durable and stylish luggage in over 60 countries across four continents.

Hotel Gorenje

Hotel Gorenje – other hotels lose their importance when asked a question for the requirements of a modern businessman. Office space, meeting rooms, conference rooms, all equipped with the latest technology would be more of a business center. Apart from the above mentioned infrastructure, it offers a huge parking, restaurant peak, exclusive rooms and a terrace with a wonderful view. It has 18 high quality sleeping rooms that are furnished with every detail to meet the requirements of a businessman.

Restaurant Gorenje

Restaurant Gorenje – is an exclusive restaurant with international menu and first class service to enjoy diverse food. The bar is the focus point of the restaurant for a coffee break or dinner with your business partner. It has an area of 90 seats where guests will experience unforgettable atmosphere feeling respected and satisfied.

Rainbow Café

Rainbow Café – offers a good possibility to relax and have fun. It is designed in a way to provide a comfortable, modern and friendly environment for its customers. What makes Rainbow Café even more demanding is the playground for children, where they can play and have fun while their families can be served with different types of sweets and fresh drinks.